April 14, 2024
5 ways to accessorize your little dress

Accessories are the most powerful way to dress up or dress down an outfit and make it look completely different. If you have one of those little green dresses in your closet, we’re going to show you how to accessorize it five different ways so you can wear it to all kinds of occasions. Just follow these tips, and you’ll never have to take your green dress off again.

1) A Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are the perfect way to add a little something extra. The best part about statement necklaces is that they can be worn with any outfit, and are so versatile. If you’re dressing up an outfit, or want to dress down an outfit, statement necklaces will work for both. You can wear a long chain necklace with a black dress for formal occasions and then switch it up with a shorter chain necklace for more casual occasions.

2) Oversized Hoop Earrings

Oversized hoop earrings are a great way to accessorize your dress. They add size and weight, making the wearer appear taller and more authoritative. The best part is that there’s no wrong way to wear them. You can either clip them to your ears or just let them dangle freely from your ears for an edgy look.

green dress

3) A Bold Bracelet

A bold bracelet is one of the best ways to accessorize a little green dress. They can be made from any material and are easy to find at many jewelry stores. The type of bracelets you should look for will depend on the size of your wrist, as well as the occasion for which you are wearing your dress. For instance, if you’re going out with friends or family, you may want to go with something more subtle like a silver or gold colored bangle.

4) A Sparkly Clutch

When wearing a dress, you don’t have many options for accessories. But I love the idea of using a little clutch as an accessory. You can wear it with a dress and then when the event is over, you can just take it off and put it in your purse without having to worry about lugging around your purse all night. Plus, some clutches are so beautiful that they could be considered an accessory on their own.

5) Strappy Heels

A pair of strappy heels is the perfect way to accessorize a little green dress. They elongate your legs, and make you feel more confident about your attire. Make sure you go for something with a good heel height (three inches or less). You’ll also want to make sure that they have a slight platform in them, so that you don’t wobble when walking.