May 18, 2024
eczema lotion

Water is a great moisturizer, but only if you use lukewarm (not hot) water, avoid scrubbing, and apply a moisturizer within three minutes of bathing or showering. This last step is critical: if you don’t moisturize right away, the moisture your skin need will evaporate and may generate a rebound effect, leaving the skin even dryer.

What types of moisturizers are best for my eczema?

Not all moisturizers are the same. In fact, many conventional moisturizers are ineffective in controlling eczema and may even make it worse. It’s critical to grasp the distinctions between the three fundamental types of moisturizers — ointments, creams, and eczema lotion in order to properly hydrate your skin and keep your symptoms under control.

Moisturizers are categorized according on how much oil and water they contain. The more oil a moisturizer contains, the better it is in treating eczema. Because they contain more oil, the ideal moisturizers to use are those that feel “greasy” ointments and creams. These are quite good at keeping moisture in while keeping irritants out.

eczema lotion

All moisturizers should be used shortly after washing and gently blotting your hands dry. As a result, store moisturizer near every sink in your home and carry a tiny tube with you at all times so you may reapply it throughout the day.


Moisturizers are second only to ointments in terms of oil content and are also excellent at locking in humidity. They are less oily to the touch because they include less oil. Read labels carefully since creams might include stabilizers or chemicals that can hurt your skin.

Finding an effective moisturizing might be difficult. What works for one individual might not work for the next. The efficacy of a product might fluctuate as your skin condition changes. A producer may also modify a product’s formulation from one year to the next. The most effective eczema lotion, cream, or moisturizing is one that works for you.