May 18, 2024
used cars in san diego

Electric cars are more convenient and easy to use than their gasoline counterparts. For some, switching from gasoline to electric vehicles is a matter of mindset. Electric cars are much greener because there is no need for refueling, so the process of driving one can be more environmentally friendly if you make this simple switch in your lifestyle. The convenience of electric cars for sale in san diego comes from their high speed charge times and range per charge; approximately 3 hours for most plug-in hybrids and 30 minutes for pure battery models.


Electric cars are very expensive. You have to pay for the electric car itself and for the cost of charging it. An electric car will cost about $30,000 or more and it’s a relatively new technology so there is no guarantee that it will last very long or be reliable. A typical, fuel efficient car costs around $15,000. Fuel efficient cars on average are said to cost $1,400-$5,000 in fuel per year depending on the amount of miles you drive. Electric cars are much more expensive than these ones and they can cost $700+ a month in electricity.


The range of electric cars is far less than the range of their gasoline counterparts, with the average length being about half that of a typical gas car. Most electric cars are said to have about 50-100 miles of range and there are some advanced models which go up to over 200 miles on a single charge. A gasoline powered car can travel between 100-150 miles at highway speeds, thus allowing for shorter driving times and less wear and tear on your automobile. Some people enjoy staying local and not traveling too far, others don’t mind how long the trip is as long as it getting there is what matters.

Charging takes time

Even if you have infrastructure set up at your home, it can be difficult to charge up your car quickly; especially if you have a large battery with over 100 miles of range. Many electric cars take 6 hours to charge on a 240 volt system or 10 hours on a 120 volt system. Most people don’t want to spend that much time sitting in their driveway. To speed things up, you can get a fast charger which will charge your car in 30 minutes or less to get you back on the road again, but they are very expensive and they don’t work with all makes and models.