July 16, 2024
consumption of cannabis

A bong is simply a pipe used to smoke-dried and processed marijuana. It’s comparable to a one-hitter, except it has a larger capacity and a special filter or two built-in. The bong is one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. Bongs are often made of glass and have a fairly consistent shape. However, the most inventive cannabis users have gone so far as to different bongs out of materials such as wood, plastic, porcelain, fruit, and diamond-encrusted gold. Here let us discuss the mechanism of bong

Working of bong

Before knowing the working process of the best bongs, you need to know the different parts of the bong. They are

  1. Bowl – Used to pack the bud for eventual incineration
  2. Downstem – Tube that connects the main body and bowl.
  3. Base – The bottom part of the bong that holds the water
  4. Tube – Tube that extends from the base and ends in the mouthpiece for inhaling the filtered smoke.

The smoking of a bong begins from the bong’s bowl end. However, the bong’s mechanics begin at the other end – the mouthpiece.

You generate a vacuum in the tube between your mouth and the water when you place the mouthpiece over or in your mouth and gently and slowly begin to inhale.

When you light the ganja in the bowl with a flame, the smoke runs through the downstream and into the bong’s base.

The water in the base functions as a net or filter, removing and collecting unwanted particles such as ash and tar as the smoke flows through it.

The amazing thing about the best bongs is that the water in the base (which may be hot or cold) greatly cools the smoke. Cooler smoke is considerably simpler to inhale, making for a more pleasurable marijuana smoking experience.

When you’ve accumulated enough filtered and cooled smoke in the tube, you may open the carb hole and inhale the contents into your lungs for recreational or therapeutic purposes.