July 16, 2024
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It is very important to know that our body needs growth hormones such as HGH both to build muscle and to regenerate the entire organism. Nevertheless, the question rightly arises as to why we still need this growth hormone, which according to its name plays a major role in the phase of our growth, even in old age and the answer is simple, this hormone also has numerous properties and functions that cannot be associated with its admittedly somewhat unfortunate name. This includes, for example, maintaining the sex drive, preventing degenerative changes in the organism and maintaining mental performance. As you can see, the growth hormone is of utmost importance for us humans. Conversely, a low growth hormone level can ensure that exactly the problems mentioned occurring. Many people think of kissing some weight and here come Hgh supplements weight loss pills which are best without any side effects.

The organism of a healthy man produces so much growth hormone that there are around five nanograms of the HGH growth hormone per millilitre of blood. In healthy women, the concentration of growth hormones in the blood is usually at a similar level. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the concentration of growth hormone per millilitre of blood can easily double in the case of pregnancy, which is not too surprising given that it is used for the growth of a fetus. Nevertheless, the growth hormone level does not remain the same over the entire lifetime, because the hormone concentration in the blood reaches a strong peak in both sexes, especially during puberty.